Air Combat World War II

Air Combat World War II

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  • Those were the days when millions fought and died like heroes. Bombs were raining from the skies. Blasts and sounds of the aircrafts filled the scenery. In Air Combat World War 2 mobile game you are an aviator flying an aircraft during World War 2.
    Many kinds of aircrafts such as fighters, bombers, kamikaze aircrafts will try to stop you in Air Combat World War 2. Air Combat World War 2 also involves ground units such as zodiac bots, convoys, watch towers and anti-aircraft artillery will try to knock you down. Your weapons heat up and start to misfire so try to use your ammunition wisely in Air Combat World War 2. Your squadron will launch an operation at dawn. The information you are going to provide is crucial because they need the know the location of the enemy troops. Enemy forces are marching to North and must be stopped before they reach their destination. You were send to fly as an reconnaissance patrol, search the area and take the target coordinates. You will be given further information. They ordered you to get the coordinates and return to base in Air Combat World War 2. If you engage the enemy throughout Air Combat World War 2 mobile game, be sure to prevail dogfights and bombard their air and ground forces. Remember that victory and success of the operation depends on you. If you fail all is lost. Keep away from hostile fire, survive as long as you can and kill them all!

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